Activity Mechanism

1. A referral places an order and completes payment.

2. Cashback activity reminder appears on referral’s Thank You Page.

3. The Referral clicks Start Referring, directly sharing product link and coupon code(5% off) to a referee.

4. The referee uses the 5% off coupon code to place an order and complete the payment.

5. 3% cashback for referral generates in our system. Notice: this cashback is based on amount of purchase by the referee.

6. We will hold the cashback in system for 15 days. If there is no cancellation or return of the orderwithin 15 days, we will approve the cashback for the referral and it will be transferred to the referral's payment method. If the referral has already received the cashback after 15 days, but the referee needs a full refund, he can only receive the refund without cashback (3% of the total amount).