Fitueyes 8mm Monitor Desk Mount Arm, Computer Monitor Stand, Height Adjustable Arm, 4.7'' High 23.6'' Save Space Desktop Stand

Product Description

Model Number

  •  DT106003GC                                      

Product detail

  • Color:clear
  • Item Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 11 x 4.7 inches
  • Material Type: Tempered Glass


  • Open-type elevated frame, with a unique structure, not only can adjust the sitting and viewing, but also has a large storage effect, by
    Big use of your desktop space, improve work efficiency. Clear tempered glass is stylish and durable with transparency, no matter what angle can clearly see the location of the items at the bottom, easy to find items, it is very popular. And this product is easy to Installed in the absence of any tools can be assembled in 10 minutes, allowing you to experience healthy, environmentally friendly, comfortable life, and create a natural and harmonious life.
  • Adjust the angle and sitting, safe and healthy
    The correct sitting position of the visual can be described as a move and move the whole body. This monitor riser can maintain your vision. Is conducive to the health of the eye, but also conducive to cervical relaxation, reduce cervical pressure. Office desk, class desk are both available. Perspective and sitting comfortable posture, work, learning efficiency will be improved.
  • Super admission, the liberation of your work space

    Storage is so simple. Neatly accommodating makes your workplace instantly spacious. Commonly used stationery hand side, mobile phone pencil, tape, notes paper pass there is place to put, do not have to find everywhere, more convenient to use. At the end of the work, the keyboard can be hidden in the following, dust and dirt to save space (for the vast majority of the market style of the keyboard) to take full advantage of the keyboard location.
  •  Tempered glass
    Tempered glass bending strength, impact strength. It is several times higher than the ordinary glass in terms of safety. Its increased carrying capacity improves the fragile nature. Even if it was damaged, it is not small angle of small debris, the damage, which reduced the damage to the human. Surface silk screen technology to ensure that the timeless.
  • With adjustment function, adjustable height
    When we in face of the imbalance in the desktop situation, usually we take the method is to pad in the table under a number of different sizes to keep the desktop balance, very troublesome. However, this desktop increased rack adjustment function, designed nickel-plated adjustable feet, adjustable height 0-12mm, until the adjustment to a satisfactory horizontal viewing angle so far, convenient and beautiful.
  • Large bearing capacity
    More stable, more bearing capacity, load up to 15 kg, durable, reliable, more practical. Not only for computer monitors, can notebooks, televisions and so on be used.
$23.99 $79.99

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