Fitueyes: A Carnival of Art&Freedom

Founded in 2015, Fitueyes is a professional group for TV stand manufacturing and selling. After several years of hard work, Fitueyes acquires market share in North America, Europe and East Asian, gain good reputation from worldwide customers as well. Inspired by art and free lifestyle, generations of Fitueyes designers want to integrate artistic-designed TV stands into interior design and break trough the space limits by achieving TV Stand movement freedom, so as to create better space and help customers realize a free lifestyle.

As a result, we launched Fitueyes Eiffel Tower Series and Fitueyes Master Series, which not only shows the beauty of art, but also demonstrates the exquisite taste of modern lifestyle.

Floor TV Stand Eiffel Tower Series

A perfect combination of easel and Eiffel Tower, which reminds of beautiful scenery in Paris. Its sturdy steel and wooden mixed structure ensures TV safety. Equipped with heavy casters at the bottom, this TV Stand can be moved to anywhere freely. 

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Floor TV Stand Master Series

Named of Master, inspired by Groenlândia in San Paulo. Unique Marble texture makes this equipment outstanding from others and demonstrates exquisite sense of modern life. Marble and tempered glass combined material, makes it sturdy and easy to clean.Back panel design provide Ingenious cable management solutions. 

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Fitueyes Donation

Fitueyes is committed to education. We donate high-quality audio-video equipment to primary school in impoverished and remote areas. If you need this donation, please contact us.

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Fitueyes Blog

Stay up to date with the latest news, events, and blog posts involving Fitueyes.

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Fitueyes Quality Certification

Fitueyes products meet or exceed the market demands. We have strict quality control, outstanding customer service, earns trust from worldwide customers as well.